Change is among us-reflect 7

This has been a great week. This week’s reading was eye-opening and inspiring the motion of change.

This week I have created daily creates and a visual assignment that add to my abilities to be creative and use new tools in a different way. I analyzed a digital story about factory farms and learned how horrible some aspects slaughter houses can be. I also had the fortune to read an article about animal abuse laws and neglect.

Annotating others blogs and sharing in the discussion on readings is always fun to experience. I feel part of a community that 7 weeks ago I didn’t even know existed. The thing that gave me trouble this week is that this class is almost over and I want to keep up the creations and continue learning. I enjoyed the opportunity to read the blogs of peers that I hadn’t read in a while. I have learned to be aware of how things can be perceived.

My focal issue is has proven to be very educational for me, and has opened my view point on animal rights/welfare.

The quality of my work has met the expectations of this course. I have taken the time to careful with my creations and consider all aspects. I have also learned a lot about who I am and I want to leave an impression as a digital storyteller. None of this was easy to start but I have taken the time to learn new skills and consider how I will take them back to the work place.

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