Factory Farming-wk 7 Critique

WARNING! The images in this video are disturbing and graphic.


Though this video is graphic it is intended to serve as a way to educate the general population. I know that this video does not represent all Factory Farms but I think it is important to be aware that many do operate in this way. We need to be educated consumers.

Involvement: The creator of this video had to do some research on factory farming terms to have a full awareness of the issue. She also needed find these clips and photos to help portray her message. She had to be aware of how people would react to these images. Her goal was to educate and to make people aware of what happens at a factory farm. She is in no way trying to convince you not to each meat but to be aware of where it came from and how harsh some of those environments can be to animals. As an audience member I am moved to make sure that my meat does not come from a factory farm and not be an accidental support by being a consumer.

Literacy Dimensions: The flow of this video shows the advanced skills of merging media together seamlessly. The author of the video is aware of how images affect emotions and people. She is using the video as an outlet to express her opinions on a social issue. 

Affinity Spaces: This video was found on YouTube with over 176,000 views. I could see it getting popularity on a pro-organic foods site or even an animal welfare site. I am putting it here on my blog in hopes that awareness spreads. It is important that it be placed in a location that shows its purpose as educational and not just a visual representation of how bad things can be.

Improvements: I would say this could be improved by a better location. I searched to see if it was on other sites but I was unable to find anything connected. The music that is used was appropriate and went with the story being told.  Some of the negative comments on the page said thing about family farms not being any better and I think she could add to it explain that not all family farms are better but that her goal was to inform that there are other option besides factory farms.


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