Reflection to my first digital story

Well this week has been eventful! I caught a Pikachu and I hatched a Charmander… Oh wait that doesn’t pertain to this class, sorry Pokemon Go has taken over some brain cells!

Anyway this week I was trolling through my YouTube channel and came across my first digital story that I created alongside a second grader during my undergrad. We helped the students create a digital story from their writing about a favorite memory. Their videos were posted on VoiceThread and then the local movie theater let us use their space to showcase the student’s work on the big screen! So the one I created was about my mom. I know this is not really about this course but is in a way, so I thought I would share. This took a lot for me to share with my peers as a 19 year old, mostly because I am so self-conscious of my voice in recordings. Sorry if it makes you cry.

 This week I have completed the tasks necessary for learning. I enjoyed the reading this week and found many way that I want make my teaching more student centered and pull from their knowledge and interests. I want to help my students find an affinity space for their passion and become an active member within it.

This week I struggled with sharing and being open about short-comings. I know we all feel that we have them but pushing outside a comfort zone and accepting that I might fail and that it would be okay is hard. I stayed in the confines of what I know and what is comfortable with my assignment bank this week, so I want to challenge myself for the last one to really work outside my knowledge base and try something I have little to no understanding of.

This week I have met expectations!! I have been present in my own learning and the learning of others. I have participated and shred my thoughts. I hope my video is not out of place or mistaken… On to the next week of creating! See ya on the inter-webs!


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