Push or Pull- You choose!

Well I choose Pull! In our reading this week about social learning it describes how the traditional education system is considered the “push” and the “pull” refers to informal, participatory learning that has the learning pulling up their own learning material and sources. I don’t want to be part of the “push” aspect of teaching because that is boring for a learner and they only hold onto information that you give them to pass the test. Whereas in the “pull” model learners are seeking information to enact a change or to build on a passion. This is applicable learning that the learner will take on with them for an extended time and will share it with others who may have this passion or curiosity.  This is a difficult shift to consider but I think it is one that needs to be taken more seriously if we are expected to prepare students for future careers.

When you work in a place that now has three scripted content programs it becomes difficult to be innovative and creative.  I can only hope that are newest program has some freedom to allow for students to “pull” in terms of content and desire. I love what I do as a teacher but there are so many things that make it difficult and less fun. Hopefully I can build in this aspect through passion projects and independent studies.

The other article I read this week was Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence. The article states that those who abuse an animal are 5 times more likely to abuse a human. It also states that children who abuse animals. It is really crazy to read the correlations between animal abuse and domestic violence. I mean I have watched enough Criminal Minds to see this connection but didn’t realize that there were actual statistics around animal abuse and domestic violence. Some states are making it where animal control must report suspected child abuse and child protective services must report animal abuse. Because often times they are connected. Some states have also made animal abuse, if committed in front of a child, a felony charge as well. If you know of someone who is abusive to an animal please report it, because you could be saving more lives than the animal!


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