The Animal of My Eye

To say that I am obsessed with my dog is probably an understatement. I would take him with me everywhere I went if I could. His first trip was at three months old. He had broken his leg two days before but made the drive to Texas with me. The photo with him sleeping on my face was from that trip. Beans all

This week I got to choose any assignment from the DS106 Assignment bank so I chose this assignment. Not only do I get to show off my adorable Jack Russell, Beans, but I get to talk about my passion for all animals. I thought about doing a collage of giraffes but I felt that this was more true to me and a fun way to explore my passion. I love all animals and I spent months convincing my husband that I needed a puppy. He fought me for a long time until I got his mom on my side and she sent him this picture of me with a tiny puppy on my shoulder. Anyways I brought home this dog with no name and we were all in love with it. I’m not really sure why we named him Beans but it stuck. He has become my hiking buddy even if that means he has to go in a backpack because he doesn’t really know what to do with a leash. By the looks of this collage he really likes to sleep!

All animals deserve to be loved and cared for. As you can see some are spoiled. It doesn’t take much to take care of an animal and treat it humanely. This is what makes me question why people feel the need to do animal testing or neglect a pet outside in the elements. Animals can fend for themselves to some extent but can not if a human has disabled them in some way.  Take the time to think about animals and whether you would want to be treated that way or not.

To create this collage I used Be Funky and added my photos so that it could create a collage of my images. These are photos from my phone mostly and they were taken over the years. Some of the photos I had to rotate after they were placed in the template.


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