Week 5 Reflection

Well I decided to take 3 days off from school this week since we had family in town. I got to take a trip to Wyoming, and hike up a waterfall, but it made for a cramped week of work.

Overall I enjoyed this week of work. Learning about participatory education got me thinking about how I use it in my classroom. I think students share ideas in my classroom but don’t always contribute to the project or assignment as a whole. I completed all of this weeks assignments and enjoyed creating a Mashup with my husband. I struggled a bit with the digital story critique, I don’t feel comfortable with the questions associated with remix and am struggle to find the words to describe the responses. I have gone back to the reading many times but still question if I have done this correctly.

Digital storytelling is not something that is meant to be done individually but can be done as a collaboration with others. It is all about doing instead of just watching. I am excited to continue this journey and learn new things that I can add to my classroom.

This week I have met the expectations of the course and hope to continue to grow as a digital storyteller.


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