Schwarzenegger And Stallone-Mashup

MashUp was the name of the game this week and to go along with our reading and creating a participatory learning environment I enlisted the help of my husband. When I saw this Mashup I immediately thought of my husband and his affinity for movies. So he helped me come up with the two lines to mash together. Then I got to teach him some tools that he didn’t know (this shocked me since he is techy.)  The assignment reads:

For this mashup assignment, you must pick one line from two movies and combine them into one line. You can choose to have one line be a response to the other. You can follow the example video and start the second line on the last word of the first line. You can choose to do this assignment in any way you want, just be creative with it.

Because me husband is obsessed with Arnold I knew he would be part of it. So here you go!

In order to create this assignment I had to determine what lines I wanted to put together, then I found the video clips on YouTube. to use the clips I put them into KeepVid and downloaded them to my computer. I then uploaded them to movie maker and trimmed them so that it flowed. When I liked the way it sounded I saved it and uploaded it to YouTube so that I could embed it in this blog post.

I chose this assignment to engage my husband in some of the learning I have done this summer. He was excited to be part of it and had fun contributing ideas. I also saw it as an opportunity to try out social learning and involving others in the creation instead of just in the product. This might be against rules but it was fun for us to do something together.



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