Learning is Social-Reading Response week 5

a-mmscr-p-lIt is time to be a participant, and not just the ones that get a participation award for showing up. The reading this week was focused on being an active participant in one’s learning environment. This means collaborating and discussing learning and how teachers need to do more than bring in the Web 2.0 tools but actually create a space for students to participate. I like the way this chapter talked about how its not about watching the professionals do the work but to get your hand dirty and try it yourself, which doesn’t have to mean alone. The DIY movement was to get people to try things but to use their peers and others in an affinity space as resources and support. The main thing I took away from this chapter was learning is doing and if you are not doing there is really no learning. So much like this course and digital storytelling, if you sit back and are only told how/what to do but never really do it yourself then you are probably not likely to do it later.

That is one thing that I truly appreciate about this course is that I have to try and it has caused me to think about ways to make my students try. I don’t want to just change up assignments to be digital but help the students to get into the work and design things with peers and work together on a passion project or something to that effect.

This week I wanted to read something from someone who does not agree with animal rights and surprisingly that wasn’t hard to find. The article, “No, Animals don’t have rights” does just that. The article is an opinion article but I think it is important to hear all sides of an issue. The author of this texts is not against humane treatment of animals but is against humans and animals being equal in all senses. SO this was not completely against Animal Welfare but it was against animals having the same equal rights as humans which I can see as a bit overboard and agree with some of the points he had to make.

Being a part of the digital storytelling world is interesting, I learn something new with each reading and creation of new media.


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