Thinking about thinking- week 4


This week I have lacked serious motivation! This week I feel like I just checked off tasks and didn’t put a lot of work into my creations. Life got in the way this week with a visitor for 9 days who left Wednesday and trying to get everything done before more visitors get here Saturday. As well as preparing for and partaking in two interviews this week (shhh keep that on the down low..).  So yes I completed all assignments but did I do my best…well I’m not proud of my efforts.

The biggest thing that gave me trouble this week was myself. I didn’t want to do anything and therefore put me behind and gave me a sense of needing to cram everything into two days. This worries me for next week because we will have family in town and I have Jury duty this week. I need to get back in the swing of things, I am having a mid-semester crisis. This week I enjoyed everyone’s open honesty about the fear of public profiles and posting in a public space. I think as educators it can be scary how what you post can get you in so much trouble. Just like a former classmate, and hers wasn’t posted by her.

I feel that each week I say I need to manage time better and that is what I plan to do differently each week but it appears that I am not able to do that so here is to another week of trying. I struggle with find a digital story to critique and  I don’t feel like I have a grasp of this new way of critiquing based on remixing so I hope that next week will be better after reading other critiques using this model.

This week I think I am meeting expectations but at a slightly lower level than previous weeks. I have done the work and I have gained knowledge and isn’t that the main goal in doing work like this..Just keep trying and creating unique things outside your comfort zone.


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