Meme Catastrophy

When looking for a digital story to critique this week I wanted to try hard to stay away from videos because that is how I have stereotyped digital stories. I am going to try to take my new learning and step out of my comfort zone to find a different type of digital story. I really wanted to take the remixing practices seriously so lets see what I have found.

Well, the remix I found is interesting to say the least. (Image is link to posting)PETA

There is political involvement associated with this display of images and texts that can only be described as a meme. This definitely involved the use of compiling images and adding texts. I think it has a purpose to evoke some emotions in the audience and question what they know about PETA. The creator of this meme would have to hopefully have researched this and it be based in fact as opposed to fiction.

The literary dimensions that this entails are the fact that there was something to say that appeals to others and getting a point across in a confined space. I do question the validity of what it says  and wonder what initiated this media to be created. I would say that it lacks the dimension of posting it to a place that would receive widespread attention.

I think if this was housed within a blog or an actual educational site as opposed to just a photo sharing site like rebloggy. This site is somehow linked up with tumblr and shows its popular posts.


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