PSA-Animal Welfare

This week’s DS106 Assignment Bank is from Design.

Animal welfare psa

I chose to do this assignment from the Design Assignment Bank. The assignment says:

Using Gimp or a similar program, create a public service announcement billboard on something that really aggravates you about people, society, the world, etc. It can be serious, goofy, but not offensive. Use a 680 x 300 work space in order to mimic the space of a billboard and have fun with how your positioning, font, colors, and images can help get your message across in a small space. Take it to the next level but superimposing it on a photo of an existing billboard!

In order to create my billboard I downloaded and used GIMP. Once I opened the application I sat there and stared at the screen for a bit and clicked all sorts of buttons to figure out how to get started. Once I figured out how to create the working space for the billboard I then played with all the tools to add the text and images as well as change the background color.  I would say that it took me about 30 minutes after I learned the tool to complete the assignment. I chose the color because it is eye-catching and the photo of the dog because it is sad looking and looks as if it might be a pit bull. I think my statement is straight to the point so that there is no confusion.

I chose this PSA because I think that there are many people who don’t understand animal welfare. I think it is important for people to become aware of animal welfare and understand where they are on the issue. Treating all animals humanely is not about captivity or not but really providing basic needs.

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