The Secret Life of Beans!

Whew! That was a process but not too bad! This week’s DS106 Assignment Bank was Video. I picked the one called “Lfie a an animal” (I know life is spelled wrong but that is how it is spelled in the assignment.) So because I am an animal lover and have way too many videos and photos of my Jack Russell, I decided to do this assignment. Here is what the assignment says:

Create a day in the life as an animal. Pick from beginning to end pictures or videos of a perfect day in the life of an animal and create a video out of them. Be creative! Include music to go with the feel of the pictures or videos used.

Here is the video I created. Go ahead and watch it.

So, how was it? I know he is cute. This little guy has been in my life for almost three years and has given us some challenges and joys.

We purchased him from what I thought was a typical puppy store, and he was in this Plexiglas container at the back by himself. I asked why he was separated and the lady said his brother was picking on him as she pointed to another Jack Russell that was a bit bigger than him in a kiddie pool on the floor. I shook my head at this and asked if I could take him out and hold him. So I sat on the floor of this pet store holding this tiny puppy on my shoulder for probably an hour.1459739_728082950537254_560432780_n.jpg
I called and convinced my husband to buy me this dog even though he really didn’t want one and especially not a male dog. I took him home and the next day he got his check up that was covered by the puppy store. The vet said he had a respiratory infection and gave him some medication. We gave him his meds and kept an eye on him but the next couple of days he appeared to be getting worse so we had to take him to the after-hours clinic and they put him in an incubator with steroids. It was Thanksgiving so they kept him overnight for two days. He made it through that and then a month later broke his leg… All that to say that I thought I had bought a healthy dog that ended up not being and costing me over $1000 to make better. I would like to say that I saved this dog from death but I can’t be sure.

To create the video I took all the photos and videos I had collected and uploaded them to movie maker. I then downloaded music from Free Music Archive to add to the background. It is a little choppy where the tracks meet but I thought the instrumental music was fitting for the photos and videos. I then added captions and a credits scroll at the end. I then saved it as an MP4 and uploaded it to YouTube so that I could embed it in this post.

2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Beans!

  1. @mdvfunes

    Awww… what a story. I have a Jack Russell too @gifadog on Twitter and Tumblr 🙂 He does DS106 as an open pup too….

    I love them.

    And yes, challenge and joy all in one. The birds thing! Mine does it too. It was lovely to watch and I wonder how you might have told the story of the blog post in the movie… So his name is Beans? You did save his life and I am sure he has enriched yours too. Mine is 9 years old, and I cannot imagine life without him. Like your husband, I did not want a dog when I rescued him.

    You made my afternoon. I always like meeting new JRs.

    Liked by 1 person

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