Responding to Reading-week 3

crafty_cultureDIY! This week’s reading was all about the DIY culture and how it started as a home improvement term for people who didn’t want to pay high dollar to have something done around the house. This concept applied to new media is new for more but has started to make more sense as I read.  We are in a culture where we have the tools to remix and create our own things in a DIY type of way. With DIY identity is a large piece in that you create and portray who you want to be and what you stand for. The chapter talked about how we need to encourage students to be DIYers and create their own identity within a community. I think we are all DIYers at varying stages of craft. This reading was slightly less engaging than other reading that we have done. I was able to make it through with the help of hypothesis discussions.

Another article I read this week is Introduction to DiY/Counterculture as a way to better understand different views of DIY. This article talks about how DIY came from the UK and counterculture is more US based and opposes social and cultural norms. It uses the term DIY to describe protests and activism and create a new reality. It also states that DIY culture is what has led to permanent culture to exist. This article was interesting to say the least, it gave some conflicting information and really took DIY in a different direction but still the same concept. I would not say that it was helpful to understanding this week’s reading better but for sure a new perspective. They continued to talk about how DIY was political and had motives of persuasion.

Overall I am still a bit confused about this week’s reading and fully grasping the DIY culture but I will continue to look for answers and maybe reading the other’s reflections will help me grasp this concept.


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