Animal Welfare Vs. Animal Rights

 This story is about understanding the difference between animal welfare and animal rights. I chose this story because I have chosen to focus on animal rights and wanted to see what it had to say about the difference between welfare and rights. After watching the story I have decided that I am actually more on the animal welfare side.

For the evaluation of this digital story I have decided to look at the traits of research, originality, voice, creativity, and flow and pacing. I chose these traits based on my first viewing of the story because of the way these three traits were displayed. I feel that when writing a comparison of terms it is important to back it with research.

Research: As you watch this story you can tell that this was well researched, she provides an explanation for both animal welfare and animal rights. She also provides examples of how each side would react to situations. Jessi even takes the time to find real life examples of how the different sides reacted to animal treatment and what it really means to be on the side of rights or welfare.

Originality, Voice, and Creativity: I think her use of real life stories and images was a nice touch to creativity and voice. She gave a voice to her view as well as sharing her own previous confusion about the terms. I think this was a beneficial video and helpful for anyone that is confused about terms.

Flow and Pacing: Man, I thought I talked fast. This is a 6 minute video but Jessi sure does talk fast. she gets her point across but I had to watch it a couple times to actually comprehend what she was saying. I think it would have been more engaging and easier to focus if she talked a little bit slower. I think her use of images was appropriate and at the right time.

Overall this was an informative video when considering the valuable information that is presented and explained in detail with examples.


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