I can be Reflective-Week 2

Wow! What a week! I feel like this week was more structured on my part and I was able to complete everything. Oh except that I have not done ANYTHING for my other online summer class…oops!

Assignments this week are done and complete!2016-06-18 14.02.36 I worked hard to make sure that all the assignments were done and even implemented the use of a check list! Except that it doesn’t have any of the work for my other class on it!! I’m getting the hang of these annotations even though I frequently question if I am in the right spot because there are no annotations there or someone has put them in the wrong spot…

Because I have a free wordpress you can upload videos and audio the same way that you do pictures, so I had to learn how to HTML embed this week. it was fairly simple but new to me and it caused me some serious frustration when trying to do my Audio Assignment from DS106. But YAY I figured it out and learned some technical skills in the process!! This week I enjoyed reading others work and annotating, many people have found some interesting stories to critique as well as have differing views and take-aways from this week’s readings!

For the next week I am going to have to do better at implementing in my other class work. I will also have a visitor for the week that I will need to mange my time super well! I am still confused about interest based scholarship because some have done based on their focus them and others have done based on digital storytelling and the reading, which is correct? or are both okay? I am also going to assume that if I am doing something wrong I will know about it!

I don’t have any real issues this week but I did have an epiphany on how to incorporate more creativity in my classroom! This of course happens when I’m trying to go to sleep and my brain won’t turn off! I want to create a twitter account for my class and give them the opportunity to do the daily create or a version of it and I want to share them with DS106! I am not sure how practical this will be but I am willing to try and figure out the logistics! Let’s just say the wheels are spinning!!!

I am my harshest critic but I would say that I have met this weeks course expectations! Sorry for all the exclamation points (!), I am a little LOUD today!


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