Critiquing? Yes, we are! -Animal Rights

As I watched this Digital story about animal rights I was questioning, “why?”

  • Why these images?
  • Why this music?
  • Why so graphic?
  • Why no dialogue?

I’m sure the graphic part is to evoke some emotions and get people thinking about the things that happen to animals when they are slaughtered for our food. The images show some animals in bad situations and the initial song has an affect but does it all work together?

I will continue to critique based on Jason Ohler’s assessment traits. This week I think the traits of presentation and performance, media application, and story are the traits I would like to focus on. I think when presenting on a social justice issue it is important to look at the story for its quality and how well does it work to present the ideas. Evaluation of media application is fitting with this story because the story was only portrayed with media…so, was it effective?

Presentation and performance: This trait refers to how effective was the actual presentation. Well, it was put on the internet in hopes that many would see it and be effected. Seeing as there are only 21 views of it currently I would say that it was not as far reaching as it might have been intended. Don’t get me wrong it has a powerful message and may have met the assignment criteria of posting on the internet. I just wonder if it would have been more effective if it was embedded in a blog post or shared in a forum?

Media Application: The video starts out with a Nickleback song called “If Everyone Cared.” I think these are fitting lyrics for an animal rights story. “If everyone cared and nobody cried, If everyone loved and nobody lied, If everyone shared and swallowed their pride, Then we’d see the day when nobody died.” I think this was a great application of media but then it transfers to what I can only equate to as Titanic music. I am not opposed to this music and it doesn’t negatively impact the story but it is a drastic jump from Nickleback. The other media involved is images and videos of animal slaughter and animal testing. One of the images is a pie chart with animals and percents but not title to explain what the percents represent. This evokes emotion in the audience because the images are sad or graphic and can be hard to watch.

Story: How well does the story work? I would say that this is a somewhat weak story. It displays what animal abuse looks like but does not have a clear purpose. I feel that it needed an aspect of dialogue and to give me some of the statistics about animal abuse. Maybe the only purpose that this person had was to elicit emotion and show visuals of examples of animal abuse.

Overall, this was missing the call to change or action piece that I expect from most animal rights displays. The memes of animals holding sayings that say that humans have to be their voice are a bit too cliche.


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