Reflective summary week 1

Reflection on this week of so many challenges. I have created two Daily Creates, a visual assignment, web annotation, and a digital story critique. This was all new to me and at times I wanted to drop out of the course.

When trying to get everything done this week I felt overwhelmed and stressed that I would not get it all done, but I did complete all assignments. This week I feel like I got my feet wet in trying to figure how to do everything from twitter to hypothesis and making sure that everything has the correct hashtags. As a beginner I feel that I completed all of the assignments to the best of my ability. The course reading took some time to understand and grasp but I was able to make meaning of the text as a whole.

I had a difficult time finding a digital story to critique especially related to my focus theme, which makes me question if I chose a bad theme? The part that I enjoyed the most was creating the visual assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank. This allowed me some choice to explore my creativity. This week I learned a lot about what digital literacies are out there and the definition of literacy has changed to be more than reading and writing. I have also had the opportunity to explore new literacies this week that I  otherwise would have been oblivious to.

As for the coming weeks I plan to set a schedule so that I can better manage my time and give myself time to produce my best work. As for questions that I still have: Did I do it all correctly? Is it too late to choose a new focus theme? I’m having a hard time with such open expectations, I prefer things to be explicit.

I feel that I have met expectations this week because I followed what guidelines were given and I used the resources available to me when I was struggling.


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