Digital Story Critique – Finding

What to look for in a digital story…There are so many parts and components that take place in digital storytelling, so today I am going to focus on media application, story, and organization/pacing.

I chose a digital story about finding a life purpose and connecting to a community.  The story Finding by Darius Gray. This is the story of a young man that felt there was nothing left to live for and then turned his life around and found a purpose.

Media Application: They way that Darius used music to set the mood was powerful, when he is describing ending his life it is as if you can hear his heart pounding and the screen goes black. As he starts to talk about his life change the music i more up beat. He has images of people in the community holding signs that are ways they would like the community to improve but he never really talks about what its purpose is to his story. I think if these were better introduced or explained that it would be better.

Story: He has a story that engages the listener and captures their attention at the beginning. Towards the end he talks about the changes in his life and that he grows strawberries in the community garden. I feel that the goal of is story is somewhat cut short because he is lacking the explanation of the community people and how what he is doing helped build a community.

Organization/Pacing: I would say that this is the strength of the digital story. His voice is at an appropriate speed and tone for understanding and the images flow in a timely manner that you can read the signs but are not stuck staring at it too long. I think he did have an organizational structure but went a little off track at one point.

Overall, the story was powerful, I think if he added more explanation to his images of community members it would make it flow even better and be easier for the audience to gain the full impact of his story.


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