Dare to Dream

collage part2


Hmm… A visual bucket list, I think I can manage that. I was skimming through the DS106 assignment bank and came across the Bucket List assignment. I decide that this seemed simple enough for my first DS106 creation. So, I took it’s suggestion and hopped on over to Be Funky to create a collage of things I’d like to do before I leave this Earth.

Be Funky was easy to use. I just searched images that I thought would portray the items I wanted to include in my bucket list and selected them. This added them to a place where I could insert them into a layout template they I wanted. After I placed the images into the  layout I chose a font and added text to each of the images. I had fun playing with the fonts and colors to get the best look.

For my Bucket List:

The first image is of Blarney Castle in Ireland. My husband and I have talked about taking a trip to Ireland but something always gets in the way. I want to go and explore the countryside and drink a beer in a pub. All the images of Ireland just look so peaceful and green, who wouldn’t want to visit.

The next image of two giraffes is mostly due to my obsession with the creatures. I think they are so majestic and unique. Well, there is a hotel in Kenya called Giraffe Manor, where you can dine with the giraffes. This sounds so fantastic and amazing and I would love to be so close and intimate with the gorgeous creatures.

The bottom left image is of an open road, this might seem unimpressive or simple to be on a bucket list but I have never been on a road trip with no destination. Now don’t get me wrong my family has road trip to a destination before but never on a whim. This is something that gives me a sense of adventure.

The last picture is of hot air balloons. This is something that is fairly new to my list. We have recently moved to Frederick and they have a hot air balloon festival that has caused my curiosity to increase. I am afraid of heights and I feel that this would be a way to overcome those fears!

So there is my bucket list and I do home that they all come true one day.


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