The Marshmallow Incident

61w1h01pxulHave you ever thought that a tradition had gone too far? In the book The Marshmallow Incident by Judi Barrett is a story about just that. There are two towns, the town of left and the town of right, you can only live in the town of whichever hand you are dominant with. Someone along the way painted a line between the town and no one crossed it, somewhere along the way they for got the purpose for the line so they had a meeting to remove it. Once the line was moved the two towns were friends and celebrated together. I like this story due to the fact that it segregated a place based on the had that you wrote with and they didn’t know why. This just goes to show you that if no one can remember why the rule was put there or it’s purpose then maybe it needs to be reevaluated. I would use this as a class read aloud for theme or sequence or even to talk about differences and that separating people who have a difference is silly and serves no real purpose.

This is simple read and the students enjoy looking at the silly pictures and discussing why they follow this ‘law’ that no one knows about. It was a fun read to do with my 4th grade students.


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