Miga, Quatchi and/et Sumi


Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi are all Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots but don’t know it yet. This is a cute story of how each of the character’s interest in the Olympics leads them to be invited to the opening ceremonies and there they are announced as the Olympic mascots for 2010. Apparently there is a book like this for other Olympic years that introduces that mascots for that year.

This would be a fun way to talk about Olympics and to introduce unique characters. It would be a good book to use for sequencing since it is a linear story. Throughout the book, the text is in both English and French to allow for more people to read the book. It could be used as a book for French speaking students to help transition. The book address the Paralympics as well which I thought was very inclusive, it also has characters that are unique like Miga is a “sea bear” which means she is a killer whale that can turn into a bear and go on shore, but she gets tuck in between and can no longer change back.

Here is a cute link to a video that also introduces these characters.


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