Counting By 7s

81bkr7yeqglCounting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan is an emotional but heartwarming book. Willow Chance will suck you in with her story of loss and friendship. Willow is adopted and extremely intelligent. She is struck by a tragedy that causes her to  forget how to function. Through this disaster she makes a friend who truly cares about her and her safety. This is I book that I don’t want to overshare about because it truly is an experience to read it yourself and I do not want to spoil or ruin any of it.

Willow is of a different ethnic background to her adoptive family and she befriends a Vietnamese family. So the book does a good job of branching cultural line, I do feel that it was slightly stereotypical of the Vietnamese mother, as her profession is a nail salon lady.

This book is can be utilized in the classroom for point of view and features of text. The book is told in both third person and first person point of view and when it switches point of view there is a swirl to signal the reader. This would be important to talk about with students so that they are not lost within the book of whether Willow is telling the story or the narrator.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read. I think it might be difficult as a Read-Aloud due to the switching of perspective within chapters.


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