Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

512zmgzsb5l-_sx370_bo1204203200_Sam and Dave dig a Hole by Mac Barnett is a little too simplistic. Yes it has won awards, but it did not satisfy my reading needs. This book did not contain usable content for my classroom, when I read it to my students they looked at me like I was crazy… So, they dig a hole, now what? The students were intrigued by the illustrations and almost yelled at the characters to follow the dog. This frustrated my class, but they noticed some interesting things in the illustrations including the tree at the beginning is an apple tree and when they fall through “space and time” it becomes a pear tree.

I don’t see the purpose in this book, and would find it difficult to use in a classroom other than kindergarten. If you took off the words and let the students come up with the story I think it would be more interesting and thoughtful.



One thought on “Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

  1. beecoach

    Thanks for your honesty in this review! Sometimes I wonder how a book has gotten so many awards? The reaction of your kiddos made me laugh and your suggestion to take out the words is brilliant! That gave me an idea for another story in my class. Thanks for sharing!


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