Space Case

7bf5739e2c-bb5a-4af1-b45e-7d0f74ae415c7dimg400The book Space Case by Stuart Gibbs is an exciting mystery told by a boy about 12 years old. The boy Dash and his parents who are scientists have moved to Moon Base Alpha. Dash has few people his own age to spend time with on this moon base. Throughout the the story Dash is trying to figure out who killed Dr. Holtz, even though everyone believes he just went out in space with his helmet not on correctly. Dash is convinced otherwise because he overheard a conversation in the bathroom the night before Dr. Holtz’ death. The book is a thrilling mystery and funny for all ages.

I would recommend this to anyone especially intermediate teachers for guided reading. I have done this book with my high group of students this semester and they love the book and can’t wait to talk to me about what is happening in each chapter. It is great for character relationships and how the characters change throughout the book. This book could be used as a read-aloud and have students track the clues that have been found.

Curriculum guide for Space Case has questions and activities that can be used with the book and it shows the common core standards with each set of activities.


One thought on “Space Case

  1. beecoach

    What a great recommendation! I am always looking for a good mystery to share with my students. I have a difficult time finding mysteries outside of the old-school Nancy Drew Series. We start each year with a mystery book report. I think I’ll use this as a read aloud during the unit. Thanks for sharing!


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