Fortunately, The Milk

51uqnte6qxl-_sy344_bo1204203200_       Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman is a fun book to read. This book was a fun read because the words are written in different fonts to help distinguish between the characters as well as emphasis onomatopoeia. I chose to read this book more for the illustrator Scottie Young because I read the OZ comics that he wrote and illustrated and fell in love with his art style. This book was definitely the same in that aspect, the creative way that he draws characters gives them a true personality.

This is a story of a father who leaves to get milk for his kids to eat their breakfast cereal and ends up on an adventure. The father walks down to the corner store and gets the milk but is then sucked up by what appears to be a flying saucer. He meets some green snot-like aliens, some pirates, and a stegosaurus named Professor Steg. This stegosaurus is who he spends the majority of the book with travelling forwards and backwards through time. Professor Steg is an inventor who time-travels in his hot air balloon that he calls “Floaty-Ball-Person-Carrier.” He does return home to tell his children about his adventure and give them the milk.

Within this story I feel that all the creatures and characters were portrayed as equals and were not categorized or stereotyped in any way. I think that because this dinosaur is an inventor makes you laugh and gives the reader some perspective. Throughout most of the book the father thinks that the dinosaur is male but it does not say until the end when the “space dinosaurs” recognize her as a book author that the father is embarrassed that he thought she was a male stegosaurus. this part bridged that gender stereotype for me because it allows for females to be writers and inventors but it also shows the reader that we often associate those professions to be male dominated.

In the classroom I would use this book to talk about figurative language, specifically onomatopoeia and the way that the author signifies it in the book. (This would be impacted if you got the UK version.)

Tftm06-349x500here are two versions of the book that
have different illustrators and I think this impacts how well the story is told. Here is the same page in both versions…Which do you think is more engaging to students?


2 thoughts on “Fortunately, The Milk

  1. baileysimington

    I know that we are told not to judge a book by its cover but the cover of this book makes it look awesome! I am shocked by the difference in engagement and interest I feel about the book with the 2 different illustrations. I am so much more drawn to the second one. It makes me wonder, as you did, about how this would impact students who are reading the book. What age would you say this book if appropriate for? Is it a chapter book? Do you think it could be used as a model to write their own fantasy adventure? Possibly starting with the same storyline of leaving the house for milk. Just a thought! Thanks for sharing.


  2. beecoach

    Why are there two versions of the same book? Have the words changed or just the illustrations? Your review is very helpful! I can appreciate your reason for choosing this book as I love the OZ comics as well. His illustrations are so detailed and wild. Thanks for sharing!


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